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The classical guitar lends a touch of elegance and sophistication to any event. I play a wide variety of musical styles suitable for any venue or occasion:

  • Weddings

  • Receptions

  • Hotels

  • Parties

  • Corporate gatherings

  • Other special events

Using your input, I can tailor my repertoire to capture perfectly  the desired mood of your event.  Call ... now for a free consultation, or visit my Contact page to send me a message.

To help make your event even more special, Samantha makes your day run more smoothly by providing her expertise and services. You can relax and be confident that she can adjust to your specific circumstances, provide you an excellent value, prepared for any circumstance, and can handle surprises, all to make the event all it can be. 

Top 10 Wedding Processionals:


10.       Anonymous, “Mysterious Beauty”

9.         J.S. Bach, “Sleeper’s Wake!”

8.         Luys de Milan, Pavana in D major

7.         Giordani, “Caro Mio Ben”

6.         E. Satie, Gymnopedie No. 1

5.         J.S. Bach, “Air” on the G string

4.         H. Purcell, Trumpet Voluntary

3.         J.S. Bach, “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring,”

2.         J. Pachelbel, Canon  

1.         R. Wagner, Bridal Chorus

The classical guitar is an instrument that lends itself  to making any event into a cherished memory for years to come.  Whether it is the happiest day or the saddest day of your life the classical guitar brings elegance, beauty and comfort to any occasion. From weddings to funerals and every special occasion in between, the guitar is ideal for background music because the instrument unto itself can be heard throughout the room without overpowering conversation.  Using your input, Samantha will tailor her repertoire to capture perfectly  the desired mood of your event. 

To help make your event even more special, Samantha makes your day run more smoothly by providing her expertise and services. You can relax and be confident that she can adjust to your specific circumstances, provide you an excellent value, prepared for any circumstance, and can handle surprises, all to make the event all it can be. 

Okay, I Made My Deposit - What Now?

First of all, thanks for making your deposit and for choosing me to be a part of your event! 

Once you have received your first statement, you are ready to move to the next phase.   The process of planning and contracting the music for your event is outlined below in five easy steps.  Please read carefully and contact me with any questions or concerns.


I. Event Preparation

a. (ASAP) Plan Your Ceremony

1. Collaborate with your future spouse, friends, family, and officiant to design a practical and meaningful ceremony.  Variables to consider are length, style, tone, personalization, anticipated environmental conditions and alternative plans, in case environmental conditions change.

2. Read my sample wedding contract and familiarize yourself with its terms, conditions and limitations, especially those regarding outdoor events.  Contact Christopher with any questions or concerns.  This sample contract will closely resemble our final agreement, but nothing is final until you approve, sign, and return our official contract.

3. Decide how and where you want to include music in your event.  Typically, there will be prelude music, one or two processionals, a recessional, and some postlude music.  Other options include music for special seatings, interludes (solo music or accompaniments for speakers, singers, unity ceremonies, etc.) and secondary recessionals.

4. Determine your PA system needs:  A "standard" sound system is included with all wedding packages, but is designed and intended for my sole use.

*If you have need of microphones and support equipment for your event, I offer additional PA equipment and services at very competitive rates.  Visit my Ceremony Sound Systems page for more information.

**Many couples fail to budget and make provisions for this aspect of their event.  To avoid last minute confusion and disappointment, it is strongly recommended that you consider this challenge sooner, rather than later.  You are free to rent microphones and PA equipment from any vendor you choose, but you will need to arrange for someone to deliver, set-up, operate, remove and return that equipment at your own cost.

b. (ASAP) Declare Special Requests

If you have not already brought your special requests to my attention, please do so right away.  I will quickly evaluate your request and respond as quickly as possible. 

*Some requests are easy, some are challenging, and some may not translate well to the classical guitar at all.  If your request is not viable, Christopher will provide alternative advice and suggestions.  If your request is challenging, and requires significant preparation time and effort, then an arrangement commission fee may be necessary.  In that case, you will be asked to approve the fee before the work is completed.


II. Music Selection

a. (90-60 Days) Select Repertoire:

1. Use my Ceremony Music Organizer to help you organize your thoughts and make selections for your ceremony.

2. If you have purchased a Gold or Platinum package, decide if you have any requests to be played during the entertainment period/s.  Use my Repertoire page to help make selections, if you are so inclined.  Otherwise, I will make appropriate selections at the event, based on the desired mood, themes, etc.

3. If you don't find everything you need in the Ceremony Music Organizer, try looking through my complete Repertoire page.  This is an updated list of everything I currently play, complete with links to all available audio and video samples.

4. Write down your selections and have them ready for our consultation by phone, which will take place somewhere around 30 days before your event.


III. Final Consultation

a. (60-45 Days) Request Consultation Appointment:

Email or call me at (608) 498 7761 to arrange a consultation by phone.  The consultation requires 30-45 minutes.  It's better if the bride and groom are both present for the call, but it's not essential, as long as most of the important decisions are already made.  Please provide a phone number for me to call at the appointed time.

*I am typically available for consults on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings, after 8pm, and I can also make time most weekend mornings.  During the summer, my weekday schedule is much more open.

b. (45-30 Days) Consult by Telephone:

I will call the number you provide at the appointed time, and take you through the contract planner step-by-step.  Please be ready with all the details of your event including:

-Names and phone numbers of relevant participants, including planners, officiant/s, day-of contact persons, accompanists (if relevant)

-Addresses of the party responsible for remaining payment, event property/properties

-All musical selections for the event

-Logistical details for your ceremony

-Changes that have been made to your plans


IV. Post-Consultation Homework

After consultation is over, you will still need to complete the following tasks:

a. (after consult) Contact Your Officiant: 

Request that your officiant arrive at the event no later than 30 minutes before it begins, and let him or her know that I will to collaborate with them immediately upon their arrival to solidify final details, make adjustments and assign cues for the ceremony.  Let Christopher know if there is any problem with this arrangement.

b. (after consult) Receive and Read Your Contract:

After consultation, you will receive a .pdf document of our final contract.  This is done last, so that it can include all the details of your event without having to be constantly amended over several months.  The terms and conditions of this contract will be identical to those of the published sample contract unless you have specifically requested amendments.

c. (upon receipt) Sign and Return Your Contract:

Once you have received the contract, approve, sign and return it either electronically or physically to the address provided.  Signed contracts must be in my possession no later than 10 days before the event.  Our agreement is not final, and you have no legal guarantee of service until I receive your signed contract.


V. Final Payment

a. (After Consult) Determine Your Unpaid Balance:

Your most recent statement contains your balance due, along with payment terms and payee information.  Please read it carefully and proceed accordingly.


b. (After Consult) Pay Remaining Balance by Check:

(This method applies only to balances not based on a "cash payment discount")

Check payments must be in Christopher's possession no later than 10 days before the event, to allow ample time for processing, depositing and bank fund clearance.  Payments not received by this deadline will no longer be accepted by check and must be paid in full upon his arrival at the event, in cash only.


c. (Day of Event) Pay Remaining Balance in Cash:

If you have agreed to a cash balance payment, or if you have missed the 10-day check submission deadline, then please plan to have someone pay Christopher in cash, upon his arrival at the event.  Checks and other promissory instruments are not acceptable on the day of the event, only cash--no exceptions.

Live music for corporate events and parties...

Designed to blend into the background  and compliment the ambiance, Christopher's sets are comprised of the highest quality guitar compositions, transcriptions and arrangements from the last five centuries.  Using your input, he can cater his repertoire to suit the needs of your particular occasion.  Similar in sound to a harp, the soothing, sophisticated classical guitar can take any event from pleasant to unforgettable.

Christopher can cater his repertoire to suit any themes you may wish to include. Sets can be thematically arranged by period, composer, nationality, style, ethnicity or religion, and include music from the great composers of the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary periods; virtuosic solos from the great guitar composers; pop and jazz standards arranged for solo guitar; and even some popular titles from opera, ballet, musical theater and film.  Or, just put Christopher on 'shuffle' for a repetition-free blend of all these styles.



Hear Christopher play some up-tempo party selections...

  • Anon. Brazil - One-Note Samba

    This old Latin-jazz standard is a cute serenade, apparently written by a monotone to serenade his lover with!

  • Villa Lobos - Schottish Choro

    A mixed bag for a mixed crowd:  Latin rhythms, jazz harmonies, arranged by a Brazilian on a Scottish tune!

  • Zawinful - Mercy, Mercy

    Simple, fun, classic.   This jazz standard features a quick tempo and straightforward cheerful harmonies.  Great for boosting the energy level of the party! 

  • Sor - Minuet in C

    This fun little minuet hooks you right away.  It is light on its feet, easy to follow, and proves that classical music can be the life of the party!   



     See the Repertoire page for a complete list of selections. 

The modern classical guitar...

The classical guitar is an instrument capable of playing multiple complex parts simultaneously. In fact, the late great Andres Segovia called it a “miniature orchestra.”  A modern hybrid successor to the Greek  kithar, the English lute, the Italian mandolin and the Baroque guitar, this instrument utilizes both ancient and contemporary elements.  Its mellow sounding nylon strings and warm tone woods make it perfect for entertaining intimate crowds. 



  • Engagement party 

  • Bridal shower 

  • Bridesmaids' luncheon 

  • Wedding rehearsal dinner 

  • Wedding brunch

  • Wedding Reception

Public Events

  • Salon or spa 

  • Art gallery opening 

  • Fashion show 

  • Wine tasting 

  • Country club, hotel or restaurant 

  • Political fundraiser 

  • Coffee house

Private Events

  • Funerals and receptions

  • Private dinner in your home 

  • Tea party 

  • Baby shower 

  • Birthday party 

  • Family reunion

  • Graduation party 

  • Anniversary party 

  • Garden or home tour

Corporate Events

  • Convention

  • Product launch 

  • Banquet

  • Retreat

  • Cocktail party 

  • Retirement party 

  • Grand opening gala

  • Department store

  • Awards night or recognition dinner


  • Valentine's Day

  • Easter

  • Mother's Day

  • Father's Day

Church and Religious Service

  • Christian Services 

  • Jewish Services 

  • Holy Day Services 

  • Traditional Weddings

  • Baptisms

  • Confirmations

  • Christmas

  • Hanukah

  • Funerals

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